Thursday, May 28, 2009

My journey with a Food Allergic Child!

Several years ago, with the birth of my second child, I embarked on a journey that forever changed the way I thought of and looked at my food. My son, born a little premature, was lactose intolerant and had acid reflux. When it came time for him to start eating regular food, a lot of baby foods that I had fed my first child, were not options for him. I set out by myself; after much prayer, and with determination, to our local grocery store! Well, after several frustrating hours and one cranky baby, I returned home in defeat. Determined that my child would and could have a lot of delicious and healthy options, I regrouped. After more prayer and consideration, I set about finding a babysitter so I could go to the store and read labels with out losing my mind! Also, I made an appointment with a nutritionist at the hospital where he was born, sure they would have a vast knowledge of what foods he could eat and the importance of getting a well-balanced meal. (My son could not have been the only one born with this issue!) Hiring a babysitter was one of the best decisions I had made, not so much the nutritionist! While leaving my son with a sitter afforded me the time I needed to read labels, research ingredients, and select the proper foods for him, the nutritionist handed me a packet of papers on how to boost his calorie intake, none of the recipes in the packet however were dairy free! (o.k., at least none of the ones that would appeal to him). Many years later (o.k. so like six) I look back and see all the struggles and trials I have encountered with his food allergies and just wonder how many moms out there are struggling with the same. Issues like family members and others who ignore you, when you ask them not to give your child certain foods to eat, finding alternatives to foods that are staples in our diet, not looking like a freak at birthday parties when you have to turn down cake and ice cream for your child, and teaching them, when they are old enough, to politely do the same, are just some of the everyday issues moms with food allergic children run into. My hope is, by blogging about my experiences past and present it will draw other moms with similar experiences, some who are just starting on their journey and others who are well traveled and willing to share their tips and tricks of weathering the many challenges we face! So, thank you for stopping by and please come back as I plan to expand and grow my blog with some of the resources that have helped me!
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