Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Kid friendly Supplements

O.k. when I first started this journey 6 years ago I really stressed over my son getting the right amount of nutrients. What mother doesn't? With a child that has multiple food allergies, one of them being dairy, this can be a real challenge. While there are many ways to get the right amount of calcium and fat that you need, I've found that supplementing my son's diet with vitamins and other supplements a neccesity and stress reliever, for me. While, I feel, you shouldn't rely on these wholly for all your nutrition, it can take the pressure off of you to always be producing well rounded meals and snacks. Here is what we are currently supplementing with; a great multivitamin by Rainbow Light called Just Once Kid's One Multistars, and a liquid calcium/magnesium supplement called Bone Ami by a company called Beeyoutiful. In the past I have also used Carlson Cod liver oil for Kids with great results. All of these products can be found on the web at reasonable prices and all are, currently, dairy, egg, gluten, and shellfish free! (please check all labels as ingredients can change). I'll be adding links for these supplements soon!

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  1. We use Animal Parade vitamins by Source of Life. They have a liquid vitamin, but the current favorite is the watermelon chewables. Thanks for stopping by Speedbump, good luck on the brownies!