Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What to do when your Food Allergic child has a party at School?

O.k. this is my son's first year of school and so far it has been great! We were, definitely, blessed with an awesome teacher for him. She is so understanding and helpful when it comes to his needs as a food allergic child. One of the things I had stressed about before he started school is what do you do when someone is having a birthday and the mom wants to bring cupcakes or some other special treat for the child to celebrate their birthday? My son's teacher has been so gracious to keep me informed whenever that occurs and lets me know well ahead of time, so I can be prepared.

This is what I've come up with so far. Usually I keep a batch of cupcakes on hand in the freezer for him and icing in the fridge or pantry. So, all I have to do is defrost one or two the night before and frost it in the morning before school. I pop it in some tupperware and send it off with his lunch. They usually have birthday celebrations at snack time and this way my son can be included in the celebration. If we have time I let him frost the cupcake(s) and add sprinkles, if I have any around!He loves it!

He had a birthday celebration today and I had discovered yesterday we were out of cupcakes! Of all horrors! Anyway, I made some yesterday and was going to show some pictures of them but I made a small error and they flopped. I managed to salvage enough he could still have some today but, alas, I forgot to adjust the water amount when I added my substitution for eggs and it took them forever to get done! When they were finished they were crispy on top and easily fell apart. Oh well, he still ate them up and loves the special treat. I will have to make some more soon, so I can restock the freezer, I don't want to be caught off guard for a last minute party!

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