Monday, February 22, 2010


O.k. so if you've been following my blog and checking back you will notice some new additions! Back in January I talked about some supplements I liked to use with my son, in the sidebar you will see I added a new section called supplements that have links to them. I really like the Bone Ami which is a dairy free, egg free, gluten free calcium and vitamin D supplement. The other is a liquid vitamin I used for a long time with him that is also dairy, egg, gluten, and I believe yeast free, as always check the labeling as products do change things up from time to time. These supplements seem kind of pricey but believe me they last for a long, long time, well over 3 months!

Also, you will note I added a Recipe and a links page and will be adding more and more in the upcoming weeks! Thanks for stopping by and looking around!

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