Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dairy Free yogurt, Ice cream and the Like!

I'm so excited to be talking about a new product that I found, quite by accident, at the store recently. I ran out to the store a few weeks ago, with the kiddos in tow to pick up a few things. While out, my son was begging me to buy some of his favorite ice cream sandwiches. Well, I'm not a huge soy fan, but because of his allergies I occasionally allow him this treat and without looking at the box too closely I threw them in the cart and we headed home. As I was putting our purchases away, I happened to look at the box of ice cream sandwiches and noticed it was slightly different then the ones we usually pick up and I had to investigate closer! Low and behold I had accidentally picked up Turtle Mountains,So Delicious' new line of ice cream bars made with coconut milk. Cool, huh? While not completely soy free, with the wafer part being made of soy products, the ice cream was only coconut milk! So I had to go to their website, listed on the box, and low and behold they have a whole new line of coconut milk based products! The most exciting to me being the coconut milk yogurt, which is listed as dairy, soy, and I believe gluten free and carries live, active cultures. Check it out here!

Also, while investigating the coconut milk they offer I've found that nutritionally speaking, in regards to the fat content, it is closer to cow's milk than the rice milk I have been using for my son for years! Which is important because at his young, very active, age you certainly don't want to be cutting calories anywhere! Here are links to check it out for yourself:

Coconut milk

cow's milk

rice milk

Some of the other products they have are coconut milk ice cream, creamers and kefir! Yummy, I can't wait to try them all, umm that is have my son try them all! :) If you're interested in trying them for yourself or your loved one stop by here and fill out a little information about yourself and receive free coupons from the company. I was only able to print one coupon right away, but am sure now that I'm on their mailing list more will follow! Happy eating!


  1. I love So Delicious coconut milk ice cream! And my little one adores their coconut milk yogurt. He thinks they taste like pudding, so they make a wonderful dessert or snack!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Charlotte, glad your little one likes coconut milk yogurt too!