Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Save Money when shopping for your Food Allergic Child!

Having a child with multiple food allergies can be quite expensive! Recently, I was watching Joyce Meyer's show, Living Everyday Life, and she had a visitor named Sarah Roe. Ms. Roe is a mom to a food allergic child whose food allergies were costing them dearly each month at the grocery store. So much so, she and her husband really couldn't afford to eat! She desperately needed to reduce their grocery bill and coupons are the method she found to do just that. Read more of her story here!

Using just a few of her tips and tricks at my last trip to the grocery store I saved $16.00 and some change and I only spent about 15 minutes in finding and cutting out my coupons! I can't wait to see how much more I'll save by following her other tips and tricks, check them out for FREE here!

To check out more of her website go to the 918 Coupon button in the sidebar!
Happy savings!


  1. Jennifer,

    What a great website for our kiddos!! It looks like you're right up my alley!

    I'm glad you enjoy! A few sites I love for coupons on allergy free food are and

    Hope that helps someone! Thanks for the mention, God bless you!

  2. Thanks Sarah for the tips on coupons for allergy free foods, I'll be sure and add their links for others to enjoy!