Monday, April 12, 2010

Allergies and Vaccines, Who Knew?

Well, I was talking to my sister a while back and she said she was out and about on her farm with her husband, doing some work and he brought up something interesting about egg allergies and vaccines. Apparently, some vaccines are made with eggs! Who knew?! I, certainly, had not heard that one before and promptly set about researching it's validity. Turns out that three common vaccines are all made with eggs. The measels, mumps, rubella vaccine, the flu vaccine, and the yellow fever vaccine (o.k. maybe that one isn't so common, but I've heard of it before!). But before you freak out (like me) and decide to do away with all vaccines forever, do some research, talk with your doctor, and make the best, educated, decision for you and your family. That's what I plan on doing! Here is a great article to start with!

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