Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to do an Elimination Diet for Food Allergies

An elimination diet can be used to identify foods responsible for food intolerance, sensitivities, and allergies. If you have one or two foods that you suspect are causing a reaction then an elimination diet may be for you. There are a couple of different ways I would approach an elimination diet. The first being eliminating the offensive food entirely from my diet for about 3 days to a month and then monitoring or journaling how this effects me. If the symptoms improve drastically or clears all together then it is safe to assume that there is, at the least, a sensitivity to the food and the best course of treatment is to avoid it, and any other food that has it listed as an ingredient. For example, say I suspect eggs as an allergy or sensitivity. Then I would want to do a trial of excluding all eggs from my diet, including eggs that are cooked in other things like cakes and cookies, etc.

Another way to conduct an elimination diet is by eliminating several suspected foods at once, again for a 3 -30 day time period. As with the single elimination I would journal or track everything that is eaten during this time period and any signs and symptoms, the severity or lessening of these symptoms, etc. At the end of the time period each food would be slowly added back to the diet, one at a time. Monitoring everything I eat and drink closely, and journaling, any and all suspected signs and symptoms. I would stop immediately, of course, if any signs and symptoms showed up that even hinted at a severe reaction, such as, swelling of the tongue or lips, a rash, hives, my teeth/throat/mouth was itching, wheezing, and would seek treatment from a professional immediately! For more on what to do when someone has a severe reaction, check out these great videos below!


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