Saturday, August 21, 2010

Diaper Woes!!

When I began this journey of motherhood 15 years, or so, ago there was much I didn't know. While, I don't know probably a tenth of what I need to I'm learning new things all the time. One thing I realized, lately, is that each of my children are different. They have different likes, and dislikes, they react differently to the same situation and also present different symptoms to the same type of illness. With the recent birth of my third child it has been a joy to get to know her and her sweet little personality. One thing has presented me with a new challenge, though. I think she is sensitive to fragrances of all types. Recently this has manifested itself in the diapers she has been wearing. We received a lot of diapers as gifts and for the first two months of her life enjoyed the economic benefit of them. As I was using up the last package of them I realized I would have to start purchasing my own. Now when it comes to diapers I've always purchased Luvs for my children believing them to be the best buy for the money. So, the next time I went to the store I purchased a new bag(?) of them. When the last of the gifted diapers ran out I, of course, started using the new diapers I'd purchased and with in a day she had a rash! I had a few of the other diapers still left in the diaper bag and I took them out to see if I could tell a difference between them and the Luvs, something that would make her break out and develop blisters on her hiney and when I did I noticed that the other diapers didn't smell. Now mind you these were unused diapers but the Luvs have a very distinct, fresh baby, kind of smell. But the others had no discernable smell to them at all. So, I packed up the Luvs and bought some more of the other diapers and with in a couple of days, no rash!! Yeah! Anyway, I was doing a little research online about allergies and diapers and such and found out that really cloth is best but if you use disposable it really is just a matter of what your baby is sensitive to. Now this isn't a debate on all the icky stuff used to make diapers vs. cloth and the environment,or even Luvs vs. any other brand of diapers, just one mom's experience in discovering what doesn't work for her baby! To read about some other mom's experiences with diapers and which ones worked best for them, and why, click here!

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