Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food Allergy Friendly Advent Calendars!

Well, Wednesday starts the official countdown until Christmas! I'm so excited! One tradition in our household has always been the use of an advent calendar. I usually buy a traditional, chocolate candy one, and give my oldest daughter the chocolate and I buy peppermints(the hard ones usually don't have milk or egg) for my son and they would take turns opening the little doors and then they each would get a piece of candy. Buying the calendar has slipped by me this year because I have moved and don't frequent the store I usually buy it from, but it has gotten me to thinking about other calendars! So, I went looking on the internet and here is what I found:

A cyber Christian Christmas Advent Calendar- This one is my favorite by far! You click on the link and scroll down to the calendar and click on the present for the day and it will have bible verses, activities, crafts, songs, etc. to do for that day. I checked out a couple of the days and everything is so doable. Meaning, easy to do! The recipes, however, are not dairy, egg free, but you could substitute your own. I, definitely, will be using some of the activities and verses with my kids. I love how it keeps your focus on Christ, the reason for the season.

Next, I love Allergy Mum's idea of a Lego Advent Calendar. You open the doors and your child can get a lego for the day and build things with them. My son would love this. You can check these out here!

Another take on the Lego calendar is one put out by Playmobil. Same idea as the Lego one. Each day contains a toy and all the toys are of the same theme. By the end of the month your child has a set to play with! Google Playmobile calendars and you will find a variety of themes to purchase!

I really like the advent calendar put out by L.L. Bean. It's a little pricey, but can be reused each year. It has little pockets you can fill with safe, allergy friendly, candies or small toys if you have a child. You can see it here !

Still yet another idea is make one of your own! There are many websites on the internet with how to instructions. You can use their plans or adapt them and make them uniquely yours. has some great ideas!
Looking for a traditional chocolate candy calendar? offers one that is dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, and gluten free! They can be purchased here .
Whichever calendar you choose, or maybe you will choose not to use a calendar at all, make sure and keep the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, your main focus of celebration this month. And remember just because you, or your loved one, has allergies doesn't mean you can't have a thriving life!

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  1. Hey, that's me... Thanks for linking my blog. I was looking for a receipe & came across your site. So what advent calendar system did you finally decide to use?
    Allergy Mum -

  2. Hi Allergy Mum, glad you could stop by. To be honest, not really any of them this year. With the addition of a third child this year and my husband out of town, off and on, this month, it has slipped through the cracks. But now that school is out I plan on trying some of the craft ideas from the Christian Christmas Advent Calendar!