Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving- How to make a Dairy Free/Egg Free Pie crust

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is going to have a great day! At our house we are gearing up for a casual, relaxed day of food and family.

Yesterday my, now seven year old, son helped me make our pies. He enjoys helping me cook, and tends to want to try new things easier when he does! We made our pie crusts from scratch yesterday using the above video, but substituting the butter they used with crisco and coconut oil. You could also use Earth Balance butter, or even all vegetable oil! I did not however chill the dough like they did in the video, I'm too impatient and I really didn't have the time. The pie crusts turned out great. I used to be really intimidated by "scratch" cooking. When I first got married I couldn't even boil water without burning it. The old joke was dinner was done when the smoke alarm went off! So, if someone like me can do it, you certainly can! Check out these links for some great, easy fillings!

Pumpkin Pie

Cherry Pie Sticks- by Speedbump Kitchen* fast and easy*!!

Apple Crumb Pie-by Food Allergy Mama

Have a great Turkey Day!

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