Friday, July 29, 2011

Allergy Shot Update

Well, long time no see and hear! Sorry about that, life got in the way! Really I've been struggling with keeping this blog up. I've been praying about what direction, if any, I want to go with this and here is why!

As some of you know, we decided to put our son on allergy shots last fall, for the grass, and animal allergies. For awhile we didn't see any improvement, whatsoever, after two months of being on them we visited my sister, who has several cats and a couple of dogs and it took three days and lots of meds. to get his allergies back under control. He was so miserable. Anyway, we kept plugging away with it week after week, month after month, until I decided that I had had enough, we weren't seeing any benefit of it and I was tired of taking him, for what seemed like nothing! So we stopped the shots. After about a month, my husband brought home ,a soon to be homeless, cat for outside. When he had heard of the opportunity to get the free cat, we decided we would give it a try and see how our son did with it, figuring the cat wouldn't even let him get near him. How wrong we were, the cat turned out to be the most lovingest little thing you would want to ever have, and I'm not much of a cat fan. Sooooo, being that cats are our son's favorite animal ever, he was all over that cat and the cat loved the attention and him! And guess what, after hauling the cat around all day, petting it, letting it rub all over him, no reaction! I mean none, not even a runny nose or a sneeze! Before, all it would take is a couple of minutes of petting a cat and his eyes would swell up and catch "on fire", usually then followed by hives. Once even he had some difficulty breathing, and that was about the scariest thing ever! So, I called the allergist and had him restarted on the shots and now he is back on maintenance dose and doing great! I hardly ever have to give him any other medicine and for that I am so thankful! Of course it is summer time, so we will see how his concentration is when we go back to school.

Anyhoo, I say all of that to say this, since his "environmental" allergies have cleared up, or are in the process of being cleared up, we have been able to better assess his food allergies and am happy to report they are all but gone too! Before when we would allow him to have something with dairy or egg in it, it was hard to tell if he was having a reaction to it, or the grass he just rolled around in outside! Now that they are under control, we've been allowing him to have dairy and baked items with egg in it and he is doing so well with it! So, you see my dilemma? I haven't really had a lot to talk about, in regards to the allergies, though I'm so excited to be in this place. When he was 1 years old and we were still struggling with what was going on with him and what we were going to feed him, I never imagined a day where he could sit down and scarf down half a cheese pizza and eat some birthday cake like everyone else. Honestly, I almost don't believe it myself now. It's like I've been waiting for this time his whole life, striving for it, and now that it's here I find myself holding my breath and watching him for any of those old signs. I'm glad to report there are none. Now, we haven't assessed his allergy with shrimp because we were told that he probably won't grow out of it, but I will probably ask to have him retested from time to time and see where we sit with it, but I'm thankful that we are where we are and am trying to enjoy it, just for today!

So that's it, that is where we are, and where we've been. Thanks for all of you that come and visit from time to time. I love hearing your feedback and comments. I'm not sure where we are headed with this, but will definitely keep up the dairy/egg free recipes that are already listed, thanks for coming by!