Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Epi-Pen Holder

O.k. just so you know, up front, I'm doing a little self-promoting! I thank ya'll so much for considering purchasing one of these or any of the bags I sell at www.mythirtyone.com/jenniferames. The proceeds from their sales help me to continue to blog and offer you free resources on how to live a great life, even with allergies! This is actually a pencil pouch that I purchased and had Josh's Epi embroidered on it. The reasons I love it are. It has a ring on the end of the pouch, which allows me to add a snap link and hook it just about wherever. He can snap it to his back pack, his belt loop, and/or I can snap it to the strap of my purse or just about any bag I carry. It is water resistant, with a wipable lining inside, and you can have it personalized with your child's name on it or Epi-pen, etc. It's roomy and will allow him to keep extra stuff in it, like cash, or sunglasses, or instructions on what to do if his epi or inhaler are needed! Again, thanks for considering purchasing one and supporting Thriving Life! Again the link is www.mythirtyone.com/jenniferames !!